If you would like more information with regards to Auspicing costs please feel free to email admin@australianperformingartsnetwork.edu.au  for an Auspice perusal pack.

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How much does an Auspice cost?

If you would like more information with regards to Auspicing with the Australian Performing Arts Network. Please feel free to email admin@australianperformingartsnetwork.edu.au for an Auspice perusal pack.

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How do I find out more ?

A comprehensive consistent partner that guides and supports it's providers to deliver high standard performing arts training. We provide support throughout the entire learner's journey- from marketing to governance.

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What do you get when you partner with us? 
How long is a contract for?

Contracts run on an annual basis or the period of "teach out" so that no student can be disadvantaged by the agreement and can complete the qualification successfully..

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APAN will consider auspice with vocational dance schools that are serious about performing arts education. Make contact on how we can help you today.

Can a dance school use this service 

Yes we do. The Australian Performing Arts Network is a Registered Training Organisation registered with ASQA. 

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Do you deliver across australia