How does the Auspice process work?

The Australian Performing Arts Network prides itself on providing comprehensive support to all third party organisers and training deliveries. We offer holistic and consistent support and communication, and as ASQA's prefered format our support and monitoring follows the student's learning journey.  We offer support through Marketing, Enrolment, Support and Progression, Training and Assessment, Completion and Governance. Auspan has clear documentation and contractual instructions to ensure all parties are supported and protected throughout the agreement, and ensuring only the highest level of delivery to your clientele.


 Support with Marketing Material, Monitoring Marketing checks to ensure that guidelines are adhered to. Ensure your organisation is compliant in your advertising needs. Ensuring your learners are informed of their study choices.


Providing the necessary documentation needed for a VET enrolment. Entering your students particulars in the approved accreditation student management system. Providing guidance in stand-alone enrolment documentation for an easy and thorough enrolment process.


Support with guidelines, policies and systematic monitoring of the progression of your students both academically and holistically. Attendance, First Aid, Student Support and Industry Engagement and Satisfaction. 


 Unit Mapping, Assessment Schedules, Timelines, Evidence Matrix, Assessment Tools, Briefs and Guides are all provided. The tools are written in a clear and broad format to allow flexibility in delivery to suit organisations ethos, focus, own expertise and current industry trends. We offer clear and support and guidance for trainers in both practical and written assessments and help structure your timelines and students support. We offer guidance and monitoring in regards to the needed qualifications and vocational and educational background trainers, assessors and technical expert should possess or can hold to ensure SRTO guidelines are met. 


All assessment results and unit completion are tracked and recorded in an approved student Management System. Once the unit is verified for completion and competence the appropriate transcripts, certificates or statement of attainment will be printed and distributed to the third party for student distribution. All Certificates are kept on file according to SRTO  guidelines and are checked for compliance.


Ensuring courses are on the scope of delivery. Ensuring students have industry engagement and are monitored for course satisfaction and continuous improvement. Moderation and Validation, Protection of Fees paid in Advance. Appropriate Insurances are in place. Monitoring of Training and Assessment Strategies are in place and appropriate. National Reporting to AVETMISS and ASQA. Quality Indicators Reporting, Registration Fees and Charges covered. Compliance and Monitoring Checks, Consistent and Supportive Supervision. Clear Guidelines and Expectations for both parties. Transparencies between parties. 

Who do we Auspice with?



We work with government, private and independent high schools. We treat each school as an individual. We work with each school so legislation and accreditation standards are met whilst working with the school's key dates and ethos and focus. We work with the school to meet SCSA reporting deadlines and AVETMIS reporting obligations so that the student's results are meaningful and work with schooling outcomes.


We, at the Australian Performing Arts Network believe this effective and continual support and communication is paramount. 


We discuss training options to suit your current demographic, processes and clientele. We listen and respond to your school's needs and focus. We work to support you throughout the educational journey and offer an abundance of services to support your vocational school reach the next level in training. We work with each school as an individual and incorporate key dates and performances to compliment your school's training calendar and annual highlights.

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The Australian Performing Arts Network prides itself on being a high performing RTO. 
See ASQA website for more information in regard to fact sheets and guidelines for Auspicing arrangements.
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